Bacula Installation Service

Bacula installation service will cover the complete installation of Bacula on your server and make it live from your server. On Bacula installation service, our technicians will help you install Bacula in the environment specified.


Bacula installation on AWS

Bacula installation on Google Cloud

Bacula installation on Digital Ocean

Bacula installation on Linode

Bacula installation on Vultr

Bacula installation on Dedicated Server

Bacula installation on VPS

Bacula installation on OVH

Bacula installation on Hetzner

Bacula installation on Cloud VPS

Bacula Installation Service

100% Money Back Guarantee
$ 60 Installation
  • SSH Access

About Bacula

Bacula is a collection of computer programmes that enable a system administrator to manage data backup, recovery, and verification through a network of various types of computers. Bacula can also be run entirely on a single device and backup to a variety of formats, such as tape and disc.

It’s a network Client/Server backup programme in technical terms. Bacula is simple to use and reliable, and it includes a number of advanced storage management features that make it simple to locate and recover missing or damaged data. Bacula’s modular architecture allows it to scale from single-computer systems to systems with hundreds of computers spread over a vast network.

Bacula is a backup, restore, and verification programme; it is not a total disaster recovery system in and of itself, but it can be an important part of one if you prepare ahead of time and follow the guidelines in the Disaster RecoveryRescueChapter of this manual.

Bacula can be a central component of your disaster recovery system with proper preparation, as discussed in the Disaster Recovery chapter. For example, if you have a full Bacula backup and have built an emergency boot disc and/or a Bacula Rescue disc to save the current partitioning details of your hard disc, you can fully recover your machine from “bare metal” that is starting from an empty disc.

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